2018: More, Better, Dirtier

The Michigan end-of-season party & bike race, Iceman, is only a few weeks out. Transfer season is over. We’ve slid the trainers out of the closet and re-upped the Zwift subscriptions. We have photos, stories and scars from Michigan, California, Utah, Georgia, Vermont, Arizona, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Iowa, Oregon, Nevada and of course Chihuahua. We raced the Exploro in gravel, mountain bike, road, epic endurance and cyclocross events and had a blast doing it.

How can 2018 possibly follow that? Cat, Scotty, Mike, Danny, Jay & Al are all coming back and we’re welcoming a Traverse City contingent:

Cody Sovis: Queen of the Scene, long pull, media darling. You’ll recognize Cody from the front of every bunch, the whole time. Controlling the speed, pulling in breaks and taking a TV flier or two early in the race. Oh, and your dreams. 22219779_396760394071725_5481989495789614756_o

Sean Kickbush: Multi-talented, Power Move, Too Cute4U: He’s a star of trail and entrepreneurship. We’d list his projects here if we could count them all. Usually you’ll find him at Brew in TC which is a coffee shop that has beer, which makes you wonder why they all don’t (really).  He wears huge clothes, so we didn’t have leftover kit for Sean (who wears MEDIUMS?), so here’s a photo of him on a ski-board (for now).539297_10102357341365823_1122549980_n

We’re of course welcoming back 3T & Q+M as partners and will have Exploros (And Strada!) for you to check out at events all over the country. Briko, Castelli & Sidi will round out our all-Italian gear setup again because step 1: look fast, step 3: go fast.

We’ll be announcing a calendar soon, and we can’t wait to see you in the slush.