Ride With 3T / Q+M (Virtually)

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Where’s the Castelli?

Just in case you’ve been down in the proverbial dumps (or, heaven forbid, in the actual dumps) due to this long, cold, dark thing they call ‘winter’, cheer yourself right up. With a bike, a trainer, and a WiFi connection, you can ride with your pals 3T / Q+M three nights a week on the Internet.

Thanks to the diligent work of Team Captain/Ear Muff model Al McWilliams, you’ve got not one, not two, but THREE chances a week to join us on Zwift. With evening group rides on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, you’ll probably start to dread the relative boredom of your weekends compared to the emotional thrill of seeing your avatar next to the likes of Al, Danny Soltan and, if you’re really lucky, Sean Kickbush.

Each ride has a bit different flavor, but you can pick your portion by doing some of all of the event.

Tuesdays. 5:15pm EST. 3T / Q+M – Tuesday Endurance

You survived Monday. Congrats. Tuesday goes long and a little easy with 2.5 hours of 3.5 w/kg with your pals. Chat, listen to Al’s HOT ZwiftTapes and get some time on the bike. Basements can be fun, too. Or garages. Or living rooms. Wherever you bike-in-place, the Tuesday Endurance ride makes it #RAD and, and this is probably true, sweatier than you think.


Wednesdays. 5.25pm EST. 3T / Q+M – Nachori.de: Slow, then fast, then nachos 

You ever heard of the Super Bowl? This is bigger. Spring, summer, and fall, the best of the best (looking) rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Nacho Ride. All winter, we do it on Zwift. The structure of the ride mimics the ‘real’ ride with a steady but doable 3.5 w/kg, with a strong, pretty much all-out effort for the final 20 minutes of the 2.5 hour ride. Don’t have 2.5 hours to dedicate to your hobby? Start with us, and bounce out whenever you feel like it. We don’t judge.


Thursdays. 4:30pm EST. 3T / Q+M – Thursday Tempo.

Tempo. Mixing long 20-30 minute blocks at 4.0 w/kg with steady, easier efforts, the Thursday Tempo ride is what you need this time of year. Whether you’re in for all 180 minutes, (yeah, that’s three hours) or for whatever you have time for, it’s a great chance to get in a big block of calorie-crushing miles en route to the weekend.


PRO TIPS: Two water bottles. A snack. A towel. Maybe two towels. Preparedness is important for these rides, so get your set-up set-up before you waltz down to your bike. Oh, and it’s January; have you pumped up your front tire yet?