Training Camp Bingo with 3T Q/M

3T Q+M Bingo Cycling Georgia

The first day of our team camp has arrived, and while we’re bummed you couldn’t make it (we did send you an invite, promise), we thought of a way to make it just like you were here. 

You can follow along with our adventures primarily with our Instagram account, ably manned by Cody Sovis for the week. And to make it so you can play along at home, as it were, we’ve had our Q+M designer/hero/fashion expert James spend no more than five minutes on this FUN bingo game!

Each square is a very likely scenario for one of our big rides throughout the week. If you see any of these things happen, put your 3T game piece on the square. Don’t forget to fill the FREE-t center square when you start, either. That would be embarrassing. The first person to send us a photo with  3 in a row OR all four corners filled will get a Q+M prize pack straight from the Ann Arbor office.

Day One is offering up some of the best weather of the trip, with record highs in the mid-70s, sun, and the promise of plenty of other cyclists out on the roads. We are looking at a 5-6 hour ride, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on our adventures all day long.

We’ll also be taking a close-up look at Al’s new 3T Strada, Sean’s brand new Exploro build, and the three wheelsets Cody brought for the trip.

You can download your bingo playing card and pieces here:


Thanks for reading, and good luck!