3T / Q+M’s Deep Cuts For Your Trainer

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You’ve got plenty of time to enjoy your indoor riding on the trainer. Lucky! We cranked it up to 11 to give you a little something to pedal to.

We fancy ourselves to be pretty hip and with it, and we’re showing that to be patently untrue by forcibly collecting a few favorite songs from everyone on the team. Since ‘everyone on the team’ ended up being basically three good songs from Danny, three unusable songs from Al (all profane), and a link to NOW That’s What I Call Music Volume 65 (yes, you’re that old), the list took a little filling out.

You can listen online, or add the playlist to your ‘Saved’ list and take the fun with you.

Music has been scientifically proven to make you faster, and this might be the best playlist to get you #AMPED for Saturday’s Waterloo Grit & Gravel in Grass Lake, Michigan. Remember, there isn’t day-of registration, so you’re going to want to take care of now. Like, right now

We’ll keep updating the playlist, and shoot us any special requests at ilikefatbikes@gmail.com