Barry-Roubaix Round-Up And Danny’s Sitting Extra Pretty

We’re all still pumped about Mike’s big win at Barry, but that’s not the only thing to be excited about after the Killer Gravel Road Race.

Mike Simonson is like the Tina Turner of Michigan cycling; the years may be flying by, but the legs are still pretty good. After rolling 60 miles solo en route to the 100-mile win Saturday, we were jazzed to see 3T pick up the story and plaster it all over the Internet.

In all the of the huss and nestled in the fuss, we forgot to let you know some of the other cool things from Barry-Roubaix, including things a bit bigger than results. Each year, Jeff Jacobi does something weirder and weirder to raise money for the Grand Rapids chapter of Gilda’s Club.  After completing the 36-mile race on a scooter, we weren’t sure how he was going to top that effort. Well, he did. Jeff pulled out a penny farthing and rode (and ran) his way into the annals of cycling lore, and he raised nearly $12,000 in the process. The money will go to provide cancer support, grief counseling, and other efforts in West Michigan. That Jeff Jacobi is a good egg.

We also had some strong results in the 62-mile race, which was stacked, as usual. The race draws some big names and plenty of fast dudes and dudettes, and it was a pleasure to see our Kae Takeshita and the other Panaracer/3T crew. After Cody chased down some early Hail Mary’s and breakaways early, the Men’s Open was gruppo compacto for Sean, Danny, and Scotty to tear through the sandy and decisive section known as Sager Road. Those three made it through upright and did a load of work to drive what ended up being the chase group, just barely running out of real estate and nipping at the leader’s heels all the way into Hastings. Scotty brought home the top spot with 18th, followed by Sean (21st) and Danny (24th), with Cody in the next group in 29th.

Jay and Cat started together in the race’s second wave of the day, and both passed a ton of riders from the starters ahead of them. Jay had the best race of his life, shoot, the best day of his life with a 7th place finish in a stacked field and what ended up being a brutal bunch finish after 62 tough miles. How close was it? The time gap between third place and twenty-second was five seconds. Five. 

Cat had a great ride for 20th place, a good result and some darn fine training miles for other days down the line.  It also means this Cat is walking on a hot tin roof; she’s now third in the MGRS standings!

It was an especially good day with the Michigan Gravel Race Series in mind, too. Danny’s finish and good results earlier this spring have him sitting on top of the world because leading the MGRS is just about as good as it gets! He’s five points on all-around-good-dude Jeff Johnson, with both Scotty and Sean in the top fifteen as well.

And it’s a pretty short turnaround until the next MGRS event, the HellKaat Hundie on May 6. Last year, Al and eventual MGRS winner Alex Tenelshof went on a day-long breakaway, just the two of them. The picnic and small talk had to wait until after the race, but at least they were able to discuss Al’s win, and we’re hoping he’s up for defending his title in just over a week’s time.

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