List of Things To Talk About At HellKaat Hundie

HellKaat Hundie

100 miles is a long, long time with nothing to talk about. We made a list for Sunday’s Hellkaat Hundie so you can avoid the awkward silences.

The Michigan Gravel Race Series is well and truly underway. The granddaddy-of-them-all, the Barry-Roubaix, is a bit like NASCAR’s Daytona 500; the big one comes early in the year, but there’s everything to play for the rest of the season. That’s certainly true for the MGRS, with the majority of races still to come, and the longest race on deck.

At 100 miles, this “Long Course” is as long as it gets in 2018, with 50 and 25-mile options also available for folks who A) aren’t up for a full 100 miles B) may have other things to do on Sunday.  The 100-mile course is absolutely nothing to sniff at, and the HellKaat crew have found every incline in the county to get the elevation up to 3,800 feet.

That course has been a recipe for success, and also supports a great cause as well. HellKaat is a charity event that has raised over $40,000 for JDRF’s mission to cure Type 1 diabetes. JDRF has had a massive impact on research into the disease, and helped to offer improvements of those living with Type 1 diabetes all over the world. It’s charity events and races like HellKaat that not only offer the fundraising, but also the awareness, that will make all the difference in the fight.

All feel-goods aside, it’s a race that has fond memories for 3T Q+M. Last year, Al made the trip to Dorr, Michigan, and spent the entire day riding with Alex Tenshelhof. We know what you’re thinking; what on earth do you talk about for six hours on a  bike? Well, you’re in luck, because we made a list. Like your mom always said, never talk about sex, money or politics, leaving…bikes?

  1. Al’s Ears. How does he sleep? Are there pins that keep them flush to his skull so he can get some shut-eye?
  2. In case you didn’t know, Danny is moving to Boston later this summer. Ask him why, if he’s planning on checking out the Sox, and also if he thinks Mookie Betts is a long-term, everyday player.
  3. Mike Simonson won the 100-mile race at Barry-Roubaix just over a week ago.  This is a GREAT chance for a mile-by-mile recap of the race as you actually pedal each mile! There’s no way that could ever get old!
  4. Sean Kickbush. How’s he doing?
  5. With so many of the team riding single chainrings on their Exploros, ask who’s got the biggest ring up front. It’s going to make everyone uncomfortable.

With just two races in May, and nothing until July, it’s a big month for the Michigan Gravel Road Series, and we are both #PUMPED and #AMPED to have Danny sitting on top of the current standings.

Online registration closes May 2, so get yourself signed up and ready to roll…and tape the conversation list to your top tube.