What In The HellKaat and More Historic Fun

3T Q+M Danny HellKaat

We were all over the US of A this past weekend, but we’re finally put it all together for you. Sit down and indulge. 

The red and white PJs put in some mileage this past weekend. Over two days and in not one, not two, but three states, over hundreds of kilometers (Euro-miles) we had some good results, some great results, and a lot of fun times.

SATURDAY, May 5. Cinco de Mayo. It’s a holiday that has nothing to do with sandwich condiments. Celebrating the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla, it’s not actually Mexican Independence Day, but admittedly, we kind of thought it was. Well, now we know. Motivated by the promise of tacos and lots of guac, Cody and Sean were in action at Mud, Sweat and Beers in Traverse City. It’s Cody’s favorite kind of race, which is one he can ride his bike to and from. The guy lives in a three-mile bubble. It was also Sean’s first appearance at the race in three years, and he certainly made sure everyone knew he was there. Sean made it over the infamous Willpower Hill in the first mile of the race with big favorite Jorden Wakeley, and the two simply rode away from a chase group that included some serious local talent, including team best friends Jeff Owens and Suttons-Bay-Bikes-Owner-and-3T-dealer Nick Wierzba. Oh, and Cody was in that group. Sean held on for second place, with Cody coming in 9th.

Also at MSB, Jay played the role of loving, committed father and uncle, getting a gaggle of Ellis’ youths around the 11 mile Pale Ale. If he left any in the woods, no one has reported them missing yet.

Meanwhile, or at least on the same day due to time zones, Scotty Albaugh was taking on a whole other kettle of fish at the USAC Marathon National Championships.  Up against some of the biggest names in the sport, Scotty rode tough all day en route to ninth place in the country. That’s pretty darn cool. Just check the results to see all the big guns he was rubbing elbows with.

Out in California, Cat was already in the thick of the Redlands Classic. To make a damn hard stage race even harder, Cat decided to pick up some kind of plague, and not the low-key bubonic kind either. This was a serious stomach bug that had her doubled over and projectile vomiting, which was really lucky for all her top-level pro competitors, or else they wouldn’t have had a shot in hell. In a reminder that sometimes just finishing is a hell of an accomplishment, Cat gutted it out (almost too literally) to complete the whole enchilada…but don’t say enchilada or she still might blow chunks.

Sunday, May 6. While lacking the culinary-incentive of a Cinco de Mayo, we did discover that the first self-adhesive stamp ever used made its debut on May 6, 1840. Good to see something like that stick.

You know what else sticks? Any move that involves one or more 3T Q+M riders, and at the HellKaat Hundie, that’s exactly what happened. Danny, the current leader of the Michigan Gravel Series, made the move with last year’s Hellkaat champ Al McWilliams, with a crew of riders plowing a well-populated and friendly furrow on the roads of West Michigan. Al bagged it after a few hours, but Danny stuck on, stuck in, and sprinted to a 2nd-place finish sandwiched (cozily) between Matt Acker and Alex Tenelshof. It’s a huge result for Danny as he battles to pick up every point possible in the MGRS this spring, and it helped move him just a little bit further clear.