This or That with Jay Ellis

3T Bike Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis is like flour. He doesn’t get the top billing too often, but he’s what keeps he scone together while fancy fruits and chocolate chips make the placard. Jay is a genius (he makes autonomous cars…or something), he’s a family man (we like almost all of his kids), and he’s the glue that keeps 3T Q+M going strong. He’s always up to give the toughest thing a try, and he’s proven himself more than capable of picking up a top result at the biggest races, too.

Name: Jay Ellis
Age: 46 (46 in dog years)
Hometown: Tecumseh, MI
Years Racing: Eleventy

Best Result in 2018: #1 in the hearts and minds of fans (7th in Barry Roubaix Masters)

Biggest goal for 2019: Not strangle Al for repeating a story, again.

Favorite riding partner: Al (after much deliberation)

Go-To Local Bike Shop: Sweet Bikes

Go-To Local Coffee Shop: Literati (Zous Zous during a ride)

SRAM or Shimano? Shimano. Shimano. Shimano. Shimano.

1x or 2? 2 – more is better

Hydraulic or mechanical brakes? Hydraulic

Pavement or Gravel? #gravgrav

Gravel or Trail? Trail

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Tea or coffee? Why mess around with caffeine? Coffee.

Fries or Onion Rings? Fries.

Superman or Batman? Fighting crime without superpowers is a lesson to live. Batman.

Cats or Dogs? Dogs.

France or Italy? Italy.

Cobbles or Climbs? COBBLES! One day when it’s for everything.

Coppi or Bartoli? Coppi.

Cardi B or Nicki Minaj? Nicki. Have you seen Al as Nicki?

25s or 28s? 28s? Let’s go even wider.

Cables or Di2? Di2. That shit works.

700 or 650? 700. I’m old school.

Barry-Roubaix or Iceman? BR. It’s the best way to start a season.

Apples or Bananas? Apples. Bananas acceptable consumption window is too narrow.

Cookie or Scone? Cookies and then more cookies.

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Beatles. Because music owes it all to them.

Twitter or Instagram? Insta. Need to see it.

Soda or Pop? Pop

Spring or Fall? Fall singletrack.