This Or That with Danny Soltan

Danny GJ
You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it up and moves to Boston. While Danny has flown the proverbial coop and moved to Massachusetts, developed a wicked pissah accent and got even deeper into cyclocross, he’s still 3TQM through and through. He offers an East Coast look at this year’s ThisOrThat, confirms the squads nearly unanimous move to a single chain ring, and finally stands up to scones parading as a tasty treat. YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE, SCONES!

Name: Danny Soltan
Age: 28
Hometown: Boston, MA
Years Racing: 28
 Best Result in 2018: 3rd, Massachusetts CX State Championship, Open Cat 1/2/3
 Biggest goal for 2019: Ride monsters
 Favorite riding partner: right Air Pod
 Go-To Local Bike Shop: Fast Splits in Needham, MA
 Go-To Local Coffee Shop:  Breville BES870XL espresso machine on the kitchen counter
SRAM or Shimano? Shimano
1x or 2? Extremely 1x
Hydraulic or mechanical brakes? Hydraulicdanny5
Pavement or Gravel? I imagine this is like having multiple children; I love both in different ways.
Gravel or Trail? See above
Coke or Pepsi? I [[heart]] any cola with real sugar
Tea or coffee? Coffee
Fries or Onion Rings? Never had an onion ring I didn’t like…lotta bad fries out there
Superman or Batman? Completely apathetic
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
France or Italy? Italy
Cobbles or Climbs? Climbs
Coppi or Bartoli? Coppi…unparalleled style
Cardi B or Nicki Minaj? Need more data
25s or 28s? 33s
Cables or Di2? Di2
700 or 650? 700
Barry-Roubaix or Iceman? Barry
Apples or Bananas? Raspberries
Cookie or Scone? Cookies…Scones need to either up their flavor game or stop masquerading as a treat.
Twitter or Instagram? Instagram
Soda or Pop? Soda
Spring or Fall? Fall