This or That with Cody Sovis


3T The Divide Q+M Cycling

Name: Cody Sovis
Age: 30
Hometown: Traverse City
Years Racing: Six
Best Result in 2018: Third place, Traverse City Trail Festival
Biggest goal for 2019: Podium at Arcadia Grit & Gravel

Favorite riding partner: Dan Ellis (Jay’s brother) for fast rides, Sean for slow rides…because Sean makes fast rides too fast. 

Go-To Local Bike Shop: City Bike Shop.

Go-To Local Coffee Shop: Brew to talk bikes with Sean.

SRAM or Shimano? A lot of luck with both, but I have to go with Shimano.

1x or 2? I’m back to 2x in my old age.

Hydraulic or mechanical brakes? Mechanical brakes make swapping through three sets of wheels a LOT easier.

Pavement or Gravel? Gravel.

Gravel or Trail? Oh man….gravel.

Coke or Pepsi? Coke, because this is America.

Tea or coffee? Coffee. Gallons of it.

Fries or Onion Rings? Fries…but only a couple.

Superman or Batman? Batman because I’d like to think he would be possible in real life. Someone should give it a try.

Cats or Dogs? Dogs…but my dog is the best, obviously.

France or Italy? I think I have to say France to ride the Alps, Pyrenees, and hit the cobbles of Roubaix.

Cobbles or Climbs? Climbs. And it kills me to say that.

Coppi or Bartoli? Coppi.

Cardi B or Nicki Minaj? What is a Cardi B?

25s or 28s? 28s, always. I don’t know why they make 25s anymore.

Cables or Di2? Cables. I don’t want to plug in any more things than I already have to.

700 or 650? 700c probably 85% of the time.

Barry-Roubaix or Iceman? Iceman. It’s our hometown Super Bowl. It’s really hard to explain to people what it means to locals.

Apples or BananasBananas. I’ve always had a fear of biting into an apple and losing my front two teeth.

Cookie or Scone? Cookie. Frosted and sugared, please.

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? The Beatles.

Twitter or Instagram? Twitter.

Soda or Pop? I say soda to make everyone in northern Michigan wonder….

Spring or Fall? Fall. Old Mission Peninsula in early October, on a sunny day, and nowhere to be…just about perfect.