Joe Martin Purse Leveling (road races)

Having checked out the Tech-guide for the Joe Martin Stage race, the women are getting short-changed, again, as usual.

Instead of just watching it happen, Q+M will cover the purse difference for the women in the Road Races (Thursday and Friday) at the Joe Martin Stage Race.

We wish we could cover the Crit and the TT too, we just don’t have the scratch. Hopefully one of our fellow cycling fans / sponsors steps up to cover the other half! (it’s about $4,000).

DEETS: If you won money, congratulations. Great job! Email us (  We’ll need a W9, and we’ll cover the difference between your purse and the mens’. If we don’t hear from you by May 1st 2019, we’ll donate the difference to The Home Stretch Foundation.

UPDATE:  our friends at Swisse have joined in and covered the rest of the purse difference! All equal at JMSR! Additionally, payouts will go directly through Joe Martin! Yay!

Race safely and have a great time!

NOTE: you can also direct us to donate your prize difference (Say to the Home Stretch Foundation).

Please know that we’re not blaming anyone. We’re definitely not blaming the promoter. Putting on races is difficult, expensive and often thankless. We want more bike races and we love promoters for putting them on including the folks at JMSR.

We’re also not blaming the sponsors. You’re supporting cycling in the US, and most of you are doing it out of love, and as much as you possibly can afford (us too! hence only covering Thursday and Friday… that’s all we can muster).

We’re not even blaming USA Cycling or the UCI (although, maybe like a little bit). We’re certainly not blaming the men, who are also paid less than they deserve.

The bottom line is that cycling is under-supported in the US generally.


We have to do better anyway. We have arrived at a place where we’re all looking at each other to do something. The challenge seems insurmountable. There’s always a lack of resources, a lack of volunteers, a lack of participants, registrations, events and too few top American pros in Europe. So who is worrying about a purse-gap?!

I would argue that the latter might the be the cause of much of the former. Equality isn’t something you do because you’re supposed to; it’s something you do because it’s better. The more equality in US bike racing the better US bike racing will be. I promise.

So no, we’re not mad at the promoter, or other sponsors, or teams, or the UCI or USA Cycling. We want all of them to join us in knowing that it will take some time, and investment, but equality is good for everyone (that’s what the word means).

Doing better means doing all that you can. Even if it’s just covering a couple days of a purse, it’s a start. Commit to a full-length course for the women at your race – it’s a start. You’ll be rewarded in the long-term. Everyone will be rewarded in the long-term.