Meet The Team: Stefanie Sydlik


IMG_0231This year, we’re welcoming the Femme Equipe ladies under our umbrella. Who are we kidding, they’re the real show! We’re proud to support women’s racing, and even more than that, we’re proud to have these women involved in our squad to share their experiences, personalities, and fun. 

First up, let us warmly introduce you to Stefanie! You’ll meet the whole squad over the next few weeks, so keep plugged in and welcome the crew for 2021.

Name: Stefanie Sydlik
Age: 35
Current Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Primary Weapon: 3T Strada
Primary Discipline: Road
Big Huge Target of 2021: Joe Martin Stage Race

2020 Highlight: The restrictions in place for the pandemic lead me to rediscover how much I enjoyed camping, hiking, and solo outdoor adventures. I went on a camping trip Labor Day weekend with only my Strada for company at Little Pine Creek State Park and explored the rail trail down the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. It was awesome!

Favorite Mid-Ride Snack: There’s nothing like the taste of a PopTart saving you from a bonk!

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