Meet The Team: Connor Kamm


Remember how in “Cool Runnings” John Candy’s character was obsessed with turning world-class track and field athletes into bobsledders? We’re basically doing exactly that with Connor. 

Connor is an Ann Arbor guy who loves to jog, but we’ve convinced him pedaling is a far more efficient and enjoyable means of transportation and recreation. Get to know Connor, and watch for him out grinding the gravel in Washtenaw County all year long!

Name: Connor Kamm
Age: 32
Current Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Primary Weapon: 3T Exploro
Primary Discipline: Gravel
Big Huge Target of 2021: Win the Watermoo, racing competitively at the Barry-Roubaix 100, getting Al and Jay outside for a ride at least once per week when the pandemic calms down.

2020 Highlight: Feeling like a real bike rider as opposed to an exrunning who was faking it.

 Favorite mid-ride snack: Cheap-ass Aldi granola bars
On The ‘Gram: @connorkamm
n Strava: Connor!