Meet The Team: Katie Aman



You probably first met her last summer. With races canceled, Katie signed up for a massive Everesting attempted and decided to take over the 3TBike Instagram in the process! This year, she’s got her fingers, toes, and everything crossed in the hopes that she’s back to good ol’ fashioned bike racing.

Name: Katie Aman
Age: 23
Current Location: Hanover, NH
Primary Weapon: 3T Strada
Primary Discipline: Road
Big Huge Target of 2021: 200 on 100, maybe another everest, Nationals, Gila – small chance I’d be in Switzerland though, Rooted Vermont (trying to get an exploro and do more gravel/mtb!)

2020 Highlight: Everesting and all the riding before breaking my collarbone! Really enjoyed some eRacing and had a blast at team camp, too!