Meet The Team: Alexey Vermeulen


In the cycling world, he’s a big deal. To us, he’s the same good ol’ Alexey that’s up for a hundred miler or a spin with the #YOUTHS of cycling, too. Alexey is a former WorldTour pro that has adapted to life in the dirt incredibly well, including winning Michigan’s cycling Super Bowl with a cult following, the Iceman Cometh Challenge. Right now, he’s soaking up the sun in Tucson and making us all more than just a little jealous!


Name: Alexey Vermeulen
Age: 26
Hometown: Ann Arbor
Primary Discipline: Everything
Big Huge Target of 2021: BWR San Diego, Unbound, Leadville, Iceman Cometh Challenge
2020 Highlight: Moving out to Boulder
Favorite Mid-Ride Snack: PB & J