Meet The Team: Leah Thorvilson


Yes, that Leah Thorvilson. We have no idea why such a superstar would want to hang out with us, but we’re not going to ask too many questions. Leah is a lot more than a Zwift avatar; she’s been a world-class athlete her whole life and, more importantly, she’s been inspiring girls to get up and get moving.

Name: Leah Thorvilson
Age: 41
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas
Primary Discipline: Road
Primary Weapon: 3T Strada
Big Huge Target of 2021: Have all the fun. And let there BE a road race.
2020 Highlight: ToSH – as it was the only race I did, easy question. But also my best single race and GC finish ever.
Favorite Mid-Ride Snack: Bocadillo and a Clara, specifically on top of Sant Hilari in Girona.