Meet The Team: Lori Russell

Hungry? Talk to Lori. 

A nutritionist with a healthy look at athletes, nutrition, and fueling right for what we do, Lori has something else on her plate in 2021; she’s pregnant! And not just with anticipation. Nope, she’ll have a small human this May. We can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy and follow along with her transition to mom/athlete!

Name: Lori Russell
Age: 36
Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota
Primary Discipline: Road
Primary Weapon: 3T Strada
Big Huge Target of 2021: Recovering from delivering a baby due May 2021! And then hopefully a fall race… Gila, maybe some gravel!!
2020 Highlight: Is this a trick Q? … quarantining in Tucson for 2 months with my husband and our bikes.
Favorite Mid-Ride Snack: Avocado hummus sandwich, honey stinger waffles, a fancy oat milk latte… basically I ride to picnic…