Iron Cross and Peak2Peak: Two States, One Team

Except for Danny’s stacked cyclocross schedule, the dance card is looking a little thin into November. Luckily, the squad is getting in plenty of big events over the next three weeks.

Michigan Gravel Race Series: The Lowell 50

Remember way back in March when the Michigan Gravel Race Series kicked off with Melting Mann? We were so young, so hopeful, so thrilled at the chance of improving weather, a whole season of fun, and the chance of maybe, just maybe, making a run at the series title.

Michigan Gravel Race Series: The Divide

After a long break, the Michigan Gravel Race Series is back in action with The Divide on July 29. It’s a race we’ve only won once, but also haven’t ever lost. We’ll explain. 

Barry-Roubaix Round-Up And Danny’s Sitting Extra Pretty

We’re all still pumped about Mike’s big win at Barry, but that’s not the only thing to be excited about after the Killer Gravel Road Race. Mike Simonson is like the Tina Turner of Michigan cycling; the years may be flying by, but the legs are still pretty good. After rolling 60 miles solo en…