Deep Thoughts with Cody Sovis

Another #DeepThoughts and this time, it comes from the frozen tundra of Traverse City. One-half of our Northern Duo (that’s 50%), Cody Sovis is the guy putting in the early, Quixotic attacks at every race and putting in huge pulls on the front towards the finish.  Paired with Sean Kickbush (think Laverne and Shirley), they…

Deep Thoughts with Cat Culkin

What is your greatest extravagance?

I splurge on stinky cheese. And I mean seriously stinky. Cheese that I can’t even eat in public because it’s so offensively stinky.

Deep Thoughts with Scotty Albaugh

We’re deep, thoughtful men and women. There’s so much more to us than just #3TAMButts and amazingly attractive spandex. We’re dreamers, hopers, doers, organ donors. We think things with our brains and our minds. We sat down and put those members of our team who can read (i.e. NOT Mike Simonson and Sean Kickbush) in front of the famous…

Team Headshots

Special thanks to 3T Cycling, Castelli Cycling, Briko Original Album Covers

Al McWilliams

Al McWilliams has raced and adventured all over the world on every kind of bike, “I’ve been asking for this bike for a long time. I want a dirt bike that’s built to go as fast as my road bike. I hear a lot of people talking about comfort vs. speed vs. fun but for me going fast is fun and comfortable.”

John Chinchen

John Chinchen has been rocketing up the road ranks as a golden child. The rest of the team look at his dedication to training and diet in awe as they finish a growler of Belgian Trippel. “The Green Mountain Stage race has a dirt descent in the middle of the queen stage. Last year I was plagued by mechanicals; this year I’m going back on the Exploro to handle the 100+ miles of road racing and fast dirt descending.”

Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis is a mechanical engineer and veteran cyclist, “The lack of sacrifice in the Exploro is amazing. They haven’t given up much in any category to gain in another. This isn’t a bike that’s okay at everything and great at nothing. It’s going to go really fast, all of the time.”

Cat Culkin

Cat Culkin specializes in ultra endurance events. She hasn’t entered a 12 or 24-hour challenge without setting a course record.

Scotty Albaugh

Scotty Albaugh is new to cycling after running distance Division I NCAA. Spending four years running as many miles as most serious cyclists ride, Scotty is ready for the less abusive 200 miles of gravel offered by Dirty Kanzaa, “I’ve been focusing on mountain bike racing since I switched over from running, so with the Exploro I can use my technical skills to go even faster on the road and gravel sections.”