Barry Roubaix 100: Exploro keeps the crown

We all know that legs and lungs win races. We obsess over equipment. We shed a few grams from a handlebar. We find marginal gains in the shape of a downtube. I heard there’s a nano-wax-graphene-biochrome compound lube that saves 10w. We chatter at each other for a month pre-race about what tires we’re running….

Meet The Team: Connor Kamm

Remember how in “Cool Runnings” John Candy’s character was obsessed with turning world-class track and field athletes into bobsledders? We’re basically doing exactly that with Connor. 

Alexey Does Grand Junction, Cody Does Gravel

The squad was all over the country yet again this week, with Alexey meeting up with some of the best mountain bike pros in the nation, and Cody flying the flag in the Michigan Gravel Race Series’ last stop before a long break. How’d they do? We’re going to tell you. Chill out.

Joe Martin Purse Leveling (road races)

Having checked out the Tech-guide for the Joe Martin Stage race, the women are getting short-changed, again, as usual. Instead of just watching it happen, Q+M will cover the purse difference for the women in the Road Races (Thursday and Friday) at the Joe Martin Stage Race. We wish we could cover the Crit and…

This or That with Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis is like flour. He doesn’t get the top billing too often, but he’s what keeps he scone together while fancy fruits and chocolate chips make the placard.

Cody’s One Year Exploro-versary

I’m coming up on exactly one full year on my 3T Exploro, so we’re taking a look at the numbers of 365 days of fun…and blown-out drive trains. 

Let Me Tell You About My Bike: Cody’s Exploro

One of the things I like most about our team is that it sure as heck ain’t boring. You’d think that our Exploros would be nearly identical, with the same groupsets, same wheels, same grey Natalie Merchant t-shirts. That’s just not the case. Our squad is home to a beautiful cornucopia of diverse, individualized bikes…