Deep Thoughts with Luke Mullis

We don’t just hand over a pair of pajamas to anyone, so it’s a real testament to the quality rider and person when another rider joins our ranks. We’re very happy to welcome Michigan wunderkind and all-around class act Luke Mullis to the squad for 2019. Even at the tender age of twenty, Luke already…

Crusher in the Tushar 2017: NO BEAVER JOKES ALLOWED

An enormous fellow in t-shirt & jeans, with a shaved head and Van Dyke plopped down next to me on the 8AM flight from DTW to SLC. He looked like Mean Gene Okerlund except way, way fatter. I sipped on the orange juice that I had ordered, side-eying my row-mate until he ordered his 8:00AM…

3T Exploro Bike Build

Step-by-step tips for building up the new 3T Exploro w/ Cat Culkin. This build is a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 build with hydraulic brakes. Instructables Exploro Build Up by Jay Ellis Shifters YouTube Video Hydraulics YouTube Video

Bike Wash (ultra-crappy winter style)

Riding salt covered roads? Check out our “How To” video with Al’s tips for washing your bike after you get home (before the beer and shower).