Joe Martin Purse Leveling (road races)

Having checked out the Tech-guide for the Joe Martin Stage race, the women are getting short-changed, again, as usual. Instead of just watching it happen, Q+M will cover the purse difference for the women in the Road Races (Thursday and Friday) at the Joe Martin Stage Race. We wish we could cover the Crit and…

Deep Thoughts with Luke Mullis

We don’t just hand over a pair of pajamas to anyone, so it’s a real testament to the quality rider and person when another rider joins our ranks. We’re very happy to welcome Michigan wunderkind and all-around class act Luke Mullis to the squad for 2019. Even at the tender age of twenty, Luke already…

Crusher in the Tushar 2017: NO BEAVER JOKES ALLOWED

An enormous fellow in t-shirt & jeans, with a shaved head and Van Dyke plopped down next to me on the 8AM flight from DTW to SLC. He looked like Mean Gene Okerlund except way, way fatter. I sipped on the orange juice that I had ordered, side-eying my row-mate until he ordered his 8:00AM…

3T Exploro Bike Build

Step-by-step tips for building up the new 3T Exploro w/ Cat Culkin. This build is a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 build with hydraulic brakes. Instructables Exploro Build Up by Jay Ellis Shifters YouTube Video Hydraulics YouTube Video

Bike Wash (ultra-crappy winter style)

Riding salt covered roads? Check out our “How To” video with Al’s tips for washing your bike after you get home (before the beer and shower).