Michigan Gravel Race Series: The Lowell 50

Remember way back in March when the Michigan Gravel Race Series kicked off with Melting Mann? We were so young, so hopeful, so thrilled at the chance of improving weather, a whole season of fun, and the chance of maybe, just maybe, making a run at the series title.

Michigan Gravel Race Series: The Divide

After a long break, the Michigan Gravel Race Series is back in action with The Divide on July 29. It’s a race we’ve only won once, but also haven’t ever lost. We’ll explain. 

Belgian Waffle Ride and the Immaculate Inflation

We needed absolutely zero convincing to get out of Michigan and onto the sun-soaked highways and by-ways of the Belgian Waffle Ride. A simple swipe of your Weather Channel App will remind you that you are living in a frigid, unpredictable biosphere of disappointment. Has not yet sprung, and even the tantalizingly upbeat prospects of…

2018 Southern Cross: Top Tens and New Friends

Training camp took a slightly (slightly, very slightly) more serious turn for Saturday’s Southern Cross. It was time to put the legs to the test, and the squad put in a great ride at an unforgettable event. With a minivan full of reinforcements arriving late Thursday night, 3T Q+M had a strong line-up heading into…

3T Exploro Bike Build

Step-by-step tips for building up the new 3T Exploro w/ Cat Culkin. This build is a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 build with hydraulic brakes. Instructables Exploro Build Up by Jay Ellis Shifters YouTube Video Hydraulics YouTube Video

Bike Wash (ultra-crappy winter style)

Riding salt covered roads? Check out our “How To” video with Al’s tips for washing your bike after you get home (before the beer and shower).