Meet The Team: Katie Aman

You probably first met her last summer. With races canceled, Katie signed up for a massive Everesting attempted and decided to take over the 3TBike Instagram in the process! This year, she’s got her fingers, toes, and everything crossed in the hopes that she’s back to good ol’ fashioned bike racing. Name: Katie Aman Age: 23 Current…

Michigan Gravel Race Series: The Lowell 50

Remember way back in March when the Michigan Gravel Race Series kicked off with Melting Mann? We were so young, so hopeful, so thrilled at the chance of improving weather, a whole season of fun, and the chance of maybe, just maybe, making a run at the series title.


The toughest race in the state! Cody and Sean will be up against some of the strongest road squads in the Midwest over 90 miles and 5,000 feet of climbing in Leelanau County. Cody won the race in 2015, and our guys will be looking to put Sean on the list of winners this August.

Michigan Gravel Race Series: The Divide

After a long break, the Michigan Gravel Race Series is back in action with The Divide on July 29. It’s a race we’ve only won once, but also haven’t ever lost. We’ll explain. 

Checkin’ In From Georgia

We’re sitting fireside in Helen, Georgia, with six days of killer riding in the legs and the promise of a tough race this Saturday. I don’t get out much, but I do hope I find myself in this exact position a few more times before I kick the bucket.

Training Camp Bingo with 3T Q/M

The first day of our team camp has arrived, and while we’re bummed you couldn’t make it (we did send you an invite, promise), we thought of a way to make it just like you were here. 

Team Headshots

Special thanks to 3T Cycling, Castelli Cycling, Briko Original Album Covers

3T Exploro Bike Build

Step-by-step tips for building up the new 3T Exploro w/ Cat Culkin. This build is a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 build with hydraulic brakes. Instructables Exploro Build Up by Jay Ellis Shifters YouTube Video Hydraulics YouTube Video