Cat Goes Incognito at Joe Martin Stage Race

While some of the dudes were taking on the Belgian Waffle Ride in California, Cat was in action in the cycling mecca that is Arkansas at the Joe Martin Stage Race. Cat swapped her 3T Q+M pajamas to rides a guest for a women’s team called QCW, but she did manage to wear her smile…

Cat Conquers Spain

              With so much of the squad spending the last week in Helen, Georgia, you may have thought, “Hey, where’s Cat?” Well, Cat was in Spain, splitting her time between exploring gorgeous roads and mountains, and sampling plate after plate of Spanish ‘culture’. Cat checks in with a recap…

Deep Thoughts with Cat Culkin

What is your greatest extravagance?

I splurge on stinky cheese. And I mean seriously stinky. Cheese that I can’t even eat in public because it’s so offensively stinky.