Meet The Team: Jennah Dunham

She’s never boring, and her routes aren’t, either. Jenna is back in the plustooth for 3TQM/Femme Equipe and she’s already got plans for 2021. While bikes will play a part, it’s safe to say burritos will also play a critical role. Name: Jennah Dunham Age: 31 Current Location: Asheville, North Carolina Primary Weapon: 3T Strada Primary Discipline:…

This or That with Sean Kickbush

It seems like only yesterday. Sean showed up to a group ride on a 40 pound 29er, crashed, got lost, and disappeared. He was hooked. Now, he’s one of the fastest riders in the state and has developed a taste for gravel, adventure, and a really good croissant. Whenever he isn’t slinging coffee at Brew, he’s…

This or That with Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis is like flour. He doesn’t get the top billing too often, but he’s what keeps he scone together while fancy fruits and chocolate chips make the placard.

Barry-Roubaix: There’s only one first winner

With 3,500 racers, Barry-Roubaix is the largest gravel race in the world, but it didn’t start that way. Ten years ago, about 300 people (mostly on mountain and cyclocross bikes) lined up to race on the cold, spring gravel roads of west Michigan. That day, Mike Simonson won the first ever Barry-Roubaix. This year, with…

Let Me Tell You About My Bike: Cody’s Exploro

One of the things I like most about our team is that it sure as heck ain’t boring. You’d think that our Exploros would be nearly identical, with the same groupsets, same wheels, same grey Natalie Merchant t-shirts. That’s just not the case. Our squad is home to a beautiful cornucopia of diverse, individualized bikes…

Checkin’ In From Georgia

We’re sitting fireside in Helen, Georgia, with six days of killer riding in the legs and the promise of a tough race this Saturday. I don’t get out much, but I do hope I find myself in this exact position a few more times before I kick the bucket.

Training Camp Bingo with 3T Q/M

The first day of our team camp has arrived, and while we’re bummed you couldn’t make it (we did send you an invite, promise), we thought of a way to make it just like you were here.