2018 Southern Cross: Top Tens and New Friends

Training camp took a slightly (slightly, very slightly) more serious turn for Saturday’s Southern Cross. It was time to put the legs to the test, and the squad put in a great ride at an unforgettable event. With a minivan full of reinforcements arriving late Thursday night, 3T Q+M had a strong line-up heading into…

Southern Cross

3T Q+M is heading to Southern Cross for another tilt at the famously tough, famously fun gravel race in Dahlonega. We’ll have our full roster on hand to try to bring the trophy (we assume there’s a trophy, we’ve never won) back to Ann Arbor.

Checkin’ In From Georgia

We’re sitting fireside in Helen, Georgia, with six days of killer riding in the legs and the promise of a tough race this Saturday. I don’t get out much, but I do hope I find myself in this exact position a few more times before I kick the bucket.

Training Camp Bingo with 3T Q/M

The first day of our team camp has arrived, and while we’re bummed you couldn’t make it (we did send you an invite, promise), we thought of a way to make it just like you were here. 

3T / Q+M Heads To Georgia

In search of sun, miles, and some quality time together, we’re heading south to kick 2018 into high gear. Look, Michigan is great. Really, it is. But after six months of frozen hellscape, we’re ready to duck south for a warm-up. This week, most of the team is heading to a Helen, Georgia.* A little mountain town…