Meet The Team: Leah Thorvilson

Yes, that Leah Thorvilson. We have no idea why such a superstar would want to hang out with us, but we’re not going to ask too many questions. Leah is a lot more than a Zwift avatar; she’s been a world-class athlete her whole life and, more importantly, she’s been inspiring girls to get up and get moving. Name:…

Meet The Team: Alexey Vermeulen

In the cycling world, he’s a big deal. To us, he’s the same good ol’ Alexey that’s up for a hundred miler or a spin with the #YOUTHS of cycling, too. Alexey is a former WorldTour pro that has adapted to life in the dirt incredibly well, including winning Michigan’s cycling Super Bowl with a…

Meet The Team: Katie Aman

You probably first met her last summer. With races canceled, Katie signed up for a massive Everesting attempted and decided to take over the 3TBike Instagram in the process! This year, she’s got her fingers, toes, and everything crossed in the hopes that she’s back to good ol’ fashioned bike racing. Name: Katie Aman Age: 23 Current…

Meet The Team: Connor Kamm

Remember how in “Cool Runnings” John Candy’s character was obsessed with turning world-class track and field athletes into bobsledders? We’re basically doing exactly that with Connor. 

Meet The Team: Stefanie Sydlik

This year, we’re welcoming the Femme Equipe ladies under our umbrella. Who are we kidding, they’re the real show! We’re proud to support women’s racing, and even more than that, we’re proud to have these women involved in our squad to share their experiences, personalities, and fun. 

3T / Q+M Does Georgia

We’re leaving on that midnight train to Georgia. More accurately, we’re packing our fleet of minivans and heading south in seach of some sun and fun! Watch our Strava Club to get jealous of the miles and our Instagram to get jealous of the smiles. See our heart-warming video from last year. 

Ride With 3T / Q+M (Virtually)

Just in case you’ve been down in the proverbial dumps (or, heaven forbid, in the actual dumps) due to this long, cold, dark thing they call ‘winter’, cheer yourself right up. With a bike, a trainer, and a WiFi connection, you can ride with your pals 3T / Q+M three nights a week on the Internet. Thanks…