Belgian Waffle Ride and the Immaculate Inflation

We needed absolutely zero convincing to get out of Michigan and onto the sun-soaked highways and by-ways of the Belgian Waffle Ride. A simple swipe of your Weather Channel App will remind you that you are living in a frigid, unpredictable biosphere of disappointment. Has not yet sprung, and even the tantalizingly upbeat prospects of…

Cat Conquers Spain

              With so much of the squad spending the last week in Helen, Georgia, you may have thought, “Hey, where’s Cat?” Well, Cat was in Spain, splitting her time between exploring gorgeous roads and mountains, and sampling plate after plate of Spanish ‘culture’. Cat checks in with a recap…

Training Camp Bingo with 3T Q/M

The first day of our team camp has arrived, and while we’re bummed you couldn’t make it (we did send you an invite, promise), we thought of a way to make it just like you were here. 

3T / Q+M Does Georgia

We’re leaving on that midnight train to Georgia. More accurately, we’re packing our fleet of minivans and heading south in seach of some sun and fun! Watch our Strava Club to get jealous of the miles and our Instagram to get jealous of the smiles. See our heart-warming video from last year. 

3T / Q+M Heads To Georgia

In search of sun, miles, and some quality time together, we’re heading south to kick 2018 into high gear. Look, Michigan is great. Really, it is. But after six months of frozen hellscape, we’re ready to duck south for a warm-up. This week, most of the team is heading to a Helen, Georgia.* A little mountain town…