Nacho Bel Grundie

With the cancellation of the Double Trouble race, we found ourselves with a hole in the schedule. With hall-passes and babysitters already booked, we decided (super-last-minute) to do a Nacho Bel Grundie.

Our friends (and team-cousins from the Panaracer/No-Tubes team) Kae & Dan made the trip from Chicago and Greg, Chris & Jordan came down from Metro-Detroit (which, traffic wise, is almost as far as Chicago) so before we even rolled out the day was a success.

The route is about 100miles and just like the Solstice Bel Grundie, would cover our favorite gravel roads of Washtenaw County. Including a good chunk of the Waterloo Grit and Gravel course. Unlike the Solstice Bel Grundie, we added in some single track, including a 4 mile stretch of the Potawatomi which features some sections that border on interesting to ride on a road bike, and a loop of Big Kame at the DTE Foundation Trail which border on thrash gnar on a road bike.

Danny runs the Boyscout Camp descent on the Poto. Bike: 3T Exploro. Tires: Compass 700×38 Steilacoom.
Kae & Talus sit in on Dancer Road.
Kae & Talus sit in on Dancer Road.

It was a perfect Michigan day, and we couldn’t have asked for better company. The group stayed mostly together until Poto, regrouped, and rode together again until Waterloo where the endurance levels started to show a little more, but everyone had at least one person to ride with, and again perfect day.

As tradition dictates on , everyone goes very fast on  Waters road on Nacho Ride (even after 90 miles, apparently).

Our friends at Epic Races had provided an entry for next year’s Waterloo Grit & Gravel Race. We decided to give it to the most epic ride of the day. As we regrouped back at HOMES and waited for the more-epic riders to filter in, Chris & Dan looked like clear winners. They had gotten separated due to some bad-directions on Big Kame, had to tack on some mileage to the course, and still finished the whole route. That’s epic, and an easy choice right… but wait. We all said our goodbyes and rolled off. I was half way home when I realized I had forgotten to close out my tab, so I went back to get my card.

As I rolled up to HOMES (at about 730PM) I see Bob Degutis pedaling in from the direction of the course. Bob had started with us at 8AM, but said that he’d probably lose contact early on (he did) and that we shouldn’t worry/wait he will do his own thing. So we didn’t. We didn’t so much so that we figured he had long-gone-home. But no. NO. Bob did the whole course. Bob survived by scavenging carrots and crab apples. No, really, he literally picked up crab apples from the side of the road because he was out of money and food and rode his bike for 12 hours. On top of all that, for the life of me I couldn’t even tell he was tired and/or hungry. Since most of us, the sane ones at least, would have just cut and run home well before the crab-apple-eating started, Bob man… BOB gets the epic ride of the day/year/ever.

Thanks so much to everyone for coming out and riding with us on Saturday. We love showing off our gravel and trail. We’ll do it again next year, maybe even with a bit more organization/notice.