This Or That with Danny Soltan

You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it up and moves to Boston. While Danny has flown the proverbial coop and moved to Massachusetts, developed a wicked pissah accent and got even deeper into cyclocross, he’s still 3TQM through and through. He offers an East Coast look at this year’s ThisOrThat, confirms the squads nearly unanimous move to a…

This or That with Sean Kickbush

It seems like only yesterday. Sean showed up to a group ride on a 40 pound 29er, crashed, got lost, and disappeared. He was hooked. Now, he’s one of the fastest riders in the state and has developed a taste for gravel, adventure, and a really good croissant. Whenever he isn’t slinging coffee at Brew, he’s…

This or That with Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis is like flour. He doesn’t get the top billing too often, but he’s what keeps he scone together while fancy fruits and chocolate chips make the placard.

This or That with Al McWilliams

In case your calendar is broken, it’s a whole new year. We’re going to mark the occasion by re-introducing the 2019 3T Q+M line-up. Most of these dudes you already know, but how well do you know them? Do you know if Al likes french fries or onion rings? Coffee or tea? Learn about the squad at the…

Deep Thoughts with Luke Mullis

We don’t just hand over a pair of pajamas to anyone, so it’s a real testament to the quality rider and person when another rider joins our ranks. We’re very happy to welcome Michigan wunderkind and all-around class act Luke Mullis to the squad for 2019. Even at the tender age of twenty, Luke already…

Iron Cross and Peak2Peak: Two States, One Team

Except for Danny’s stacked cyclocross schedule, the dance card is looking a little thin into November. Luckily, the squad is getting in plenty of big events over the next three weeks.

Michigan Gravel Race Series: The Lowell 50

Remember way back in March when the Michigan Gravel Race Series kicked off with Melting Mann? We were so young, so hopeful, so thrilled at the chance of improving weather, a whole season of fun, and the chance of maybe, just maybe, making a run at the series title.